Marco Risi's compelling new drama FORTÀPASC strikingly re-creates the last four months in the life of 26-year-old journalist Giancarlo Siani, during the period in which he begins an investigation into the connection between local government and the Naples mafia.

Giancarlo (Libero De Rienzo) is an idealistic adjunct reporter attached to the Neapolitan suburb of Torre Annunziata. His dream is to become a fully accredited journalist, but editor Sasa (Ernesto Mahieux) isn't interested in investigative stories. When Giancarlo stumbles upon a conversation between local kingpin Valentino Gionta (Massimiliano Gallo) and big boss Carmine Alfieri (Gigio Morra), he seizes the chance to write a real exposé. With the enthusiasm and courage of youth, Giancarlo plunges into the criminal world arousing the deadly anger of the mob…

Critically acclaimed, FORTÀPASC is a hardhitting take on the murder of idealism. The film’s title (pronounced "Fort-a-pash" in dialect) references John Ford's classic western, Fort Apache, and the lawlessness of Mafia-ruled Naples, here brought to vivid, Scorsese-like life.

Director: Marco Risi

Cast: Libero De Rienzo,
Valentina Lodovini,
Michele Riondino,

Italian with English subtitles

2009 | 108' | HDCAM SR