The Last Pulcinella
(L'ultimo pulcinella)

Based on an original idea from Roberto Rossellini and directed by acclaimed theatre maestro Maurizio Scaparro, THE LAST PULCINELLA is a touching drama about a father and son set against the background of the theatre.

Massimo Ranieri (one of Italy’s greatest pop singers) stars as the struggling middle-aged actor Michelangelo, who performs as a street artist in the Naples piazzas, singing and acting the ‘stories of Pulcinella’. His son Francesco (Domenico Balsamo) flees to Paris after witnessing a Camorra crime, and Michelangelo follows him, even though he does not speak a word of French. With the help of an old friend Dorient (Jean Sorel), and an ageless actress (Adriana Asti) who lives in an abandoned theatre, the two put on a show that will reinvigorate their often strained relationship.

Selected as the Closing Night film of the 2008 Rome International Film Festival, THE LAST PULCINELLA is a powerful film about a changing world and the power of theatre to bridge the gap between people. The Pulcinella character from the Neapolitan commedia della'arte shows up in many cultures - in Australia, we know it as "Punch" of Punch & Judy.

Director: Maurizio Scaparro

Cast: Massimo Ranieri,
Domenico Balsamo, Adriana Asti,
Jean Sorel, Valeria Cavalli.

Italian/French with English subtitle

2009 | 89' | HDCAM SR