All films open to patrons 18 years and over unless otherwise noted, please check film classification exemptions online and in newspaper ads during the festival. Download the full programme here (1.5mb .pdf)

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Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas
Rundle Street, Adelaide 5000
Enquiries: 8232 3434

Wednesday 14 October
6.45 for 7.00pm    Opening Night Gala! Vincere
Thursday 15 October
6.45pmGiovanna's Father
9.15pmBrave Men
Friday 16 October
6.45pmThe Past Is A Foreign Land
9.15pmThe Man Who Loves
Saturday 17 October
12.30pmAngela (Anniv.)
2.30pmGiulia Doesn't Go Out At Night
4.45pmPuccini And The Girl
6.45pmBrave Men
Sunday 18 October
10.30amThe Embalmer (Anniv.)
12.45pmGood Morning Night (Anniv.)
2.30 for 3.00pm    Special Event: Genova
5.00pmThe Sicilian Girl
7.30pmMid-August Lunch (PG)
9.15pmSecret Journey (Anniv.)
Monday 19 October
6.45pmThe Early Bird Catches the Worm
9.15pmBrave Men
Tuesday 20 October
6.45pmA Perfect Day
9.15pmOne Hundred Nails (Anniv.)
Wednesday 21 October
6.45pmThe Last Pulcinella
Thursday 22 October
Friday 23 October
9.00pmMany Kisses Later
Saturday 24 October
11.00amAlong The Ridge (Anniv.)
1.15pmCrime Novel (Anniv.)
4.30pmGiovanna's Father
6.45pmThe Right Distance
9.15pmMany Kisses Later
Sunday 25 October
11.45amCertain Children (Anniv.)
1.45pmThe Consequences Of Love (Anniv.)
4.00pmGiovanna's Father
6.15pmThe 1000-Euro Generation
8.45pmThe Man Who Loves
Monday 26 October
6.45pmMy Mother’s Smile (Anniv.)
9.15pmThe Sicilian Girl
Tuesday 27 October
6.45pmAs God Commands
9.15pmThe Past Is A Foreign Land
Wednesday 28 October
6.45pmMid-August Lunch (PG)
9.15pmThe 1000-Euro Generation